Diego’s! Newport Rhode Island Fun

NEWPORT, RI – Owen O’Connor loves his trips to Newport, RI.  There is always something fun going on.  This time was a trip to Diego’s Mexican Restaurant.  They have an amazing mexican flair that you can’t find anywhere else in Providence or RI.  The dishes are cooked to perfection and there is a HUGE variety of unique cocktails.  The best is probably the hot pepper martini.  Absolutely delicious!  Diego’s has also just opened up a new bodega out by the beach.  They are a small market place selling all kinds of delicious pepper sauces, fresh chips, salsa and Guacamole.  A must try!  Here’s a link to their website:


Mezzo Providence Restaurant in Rhode Island | Owen OConnor’s Take

Providence, RI – Owen O’Connor was able to get out on the town long enough last week in Rhode Island to visit Mezzo in Providence.  The menu was excellent, consisting of lots of great items like Alaskan King Crab Legs, Lobster Bisque, Roast Baffoni Farm’s Chicken and Spaghetti With Lobster Carbonara.  After dinner the restaurant turns into a nightclub, which was a perfect way to unwind after a long work week.  Excellent dinner and excellent live music – definitely one of the best dining spots in Rhode Island.

Here’s a link to Mezzo in Providence, RI – has the menu and directions –